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Wondering about incineration toilets? Energy source? Waste management? Discover the ins and outs of Cinderella's innovative toilets: installation, energy sources, usage tips, waste handling, and maintenance. Get answers to questions on capacity, waste burning, safety, and more.

Your top questions answered

What is an incineration toilet?

An incineration toilet is a toilet where waste products are burned at high temperatures, reducing them to a minimal amount of ash. The incineration takes place in a closed incineration chamber, and the gases from the incineration are vented through a separate exhaust pipe.

Do I need water or sewage for installing Cinderella?

No, Cinderella incineration toilets does not need to be connected to water or sewage.

What energy source do I need to install a Cinderella?

Cinderella offers incineration toilets powered by electricity or gas. This allows cabins without access to the power grid to install and use an incineration toilet. Our gas-powered toilet additionally requires a 12V power source to operate the toilet's electronics.

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How many people can use the toilet?

All Cinderella incineration toilets have high capacity; 4 people can use the toilet per hour.

We are a large group of people at the cabin, can the capacity of the incineration toilet be increased?

An incineration toilet has high capacity, 4 people can use the toilet per hour.

By using Cinderella Urinal as a supplement to your incineration toilet, the capacity can be increased. 4 out of 5 toilet visits are just for urination. Combining the Urinal and incineration toilet reduces both power or gas consumption and the use of bowl liners. Cinderella Urinal is therefore suitable as a supplement for Cinderella's environmentally friendly incineration toilets.

How do I use an incineration toilet?

  • Open the lid and seat.
  • Place an original bowl liner in the bowl.
  • Lower the seat.
  • Use the toilet as usual.
  • Close the lid.
  • Press the start button.

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Do I need to "flush" after every use?

Yes, you do. Moisture from waste left in the bowl liner will seep through and cause it to stick to the bowl. Additionally, waste left standing will eventually start to smell.

Can I burn sanitary products in the toilet?

Yes, small sanitary items such as tampons, pads, and alcohol-free wet wipes can be burned in the toilet.

Is there anything that cannot be burned in the toilet?

Yes, alcohol-based wet wipes or drinks, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, flammable liquids/materials, gasoline, lamp oil/paraffin, cigarettes, chlorine-based cleaners, too much paper of any kind.

Is the ash safe to handle?

Yes, the ash is sterile and contains no bacteria.

How long does an incineration last?

Usually 50-70 minutes. Note that incineration time may vary depending on the amount of waste (up to 180 minutes since the last visit).

How do I install my new Cinderella?

Installing a Cinderella is easy and requires no external tanks or the use of water and sewage. A ventilation system for air in/out must be installed, following our recommendations for reliable operation and a long lifespan.

It is essential to thoroughly read the installation manual that comes with the toilet. Incorrect installation can lead to malfunctions, wear, or odors and will void the warranty.

Before installation, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the applicable local regulations in the country where you plan to install the toilet.

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How often should I empty the ash?

Empty the insert often, preferably at least once a week. Don't wait until the emptying alert. This keeps the toilet in better condition, and the parts last longer. The less ash in the ash container, the faster and more efficiently the incineration process.

What cleaning products should I use to clean the toilet bowl?

We recommend using moist paper, water, and a mild cleaning agent when needed.

What maintenance does my Cinderella toilet need?

With proper use and maintenance, you will enjoy your incinerating toilet for many years. You can do the most important maintenance yourself!

  • Emptying and cleaning the ash container and insert.
  • Steam cleaning the catalyst
  • Cleaning the toilet's exhaust connection
  • Rinsing the catalyst
  • Cleaning the pipe and ventilation pipe

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How often do I need to perform maintenance?

Emptying and cleaning the ash container and insert: Often, preferably at least once a week

Steam cleaning the catalyst: Each time you empty the insert

Cleaning the toilet's exhaust connection: After 500 uses

Rinsing the catalyst: Once a year (more frequently if the toilet is used in a year-round residence)

Cleaning the pipe and ventilation pipe: Once a year (more frequently if the toilet is used in a year-round residence)

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