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Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines

Reliable, practical, and environmentally friendly are key words for us in Cinderella. We want our visual profile to reflect these values. Our visual profile is rooted in Cinderella's brand strategy.

Cinderella's brand guidelines, a general guide.

Brand Strategy

The brand is our identity, our story, and our personality. It describes who we are, what we stand for, and the values we create.


Brand Guidelines

The brand guidelines provide instructions on how the Cinderella brand should be used in various contexts. The guidelines describe the usage of logos, colors, fonts, images, and graphic elements to maintain a consistent appearance.

Download Brand Guidelines (English language only)

Cinderella's brand guidelines.


Logos, Colors, and Fonts

To ensure a strong brand, the correct use of logos, colors, and fonts is crucial. We refer to the brand guidelines for instructions on the proper use of these elements.

Download Norwegian logos 
Download Swedish logos
Download Finnish logos
Download English logos
Download German logos
Download Spanish logos
Download Frensh logos
Download Dutch logos


Product Images and Graphic Elements

Proper use of images and graphic elements in sales and marketing materials is essential to maintain Cinderella's visual profile and brand. We refer to the brand guidelines for guidelines on the correct use of images and elements.

Download Product Images (Europe)
Download Product Images (Australia/New Zealand)
Download Product Images (North America) 

Download Graphic Elements 

Cinderella's brand guidelines.

Note: The images in our portfolio are owned by Cinderella Eco Group and cannot be used without our consent. Contact us at [email protected] for questions and access to profile images.