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Vision and values

Vision and values

Cinderella Eco Group a family owned company with ambitions to expand globally and we work with dedicated employees and partners. 

Our ethical platform is a unified basis for communication that unites all of us, ensuring that the brand will continue along the lines we have carved out since the first toilet was produced in 1997. Our code of conduct ensures that we will at all times strive to work together for our society, our planet and the safety and well being of our people.

Our vision is to deliver the world’s most sustainable and innovative toilets and our mission is to utilize our incineration technology to provide water free toilets and safe sanitation to a global market.

Our personality is defined through our core values: 

Dependable, Practical and Environmentally Conscious

We are dependable

By acting in a credible and quality-conscious way, we show our customers, partners and colleagues that we are to be trusted and that we keep our promises. 


We create practical solutions

With a high level of expertise and technical innovation, we develop smart products and further product development that are flexible and useful and that meet market demands.

We are environmentally conscious

The United Nations Sustainability Goals are important to us. In the production stage, in our choice of partners and in our communication.

By designing toilets that do not use water and costly, often non-existent sewage systems, we present environmentally friendly products that can fit almost anywhere. Our products leave no pollutants, incinerate all waste and are completely free of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Ethical and responsible

Ever since the first prototype was designed by Cinderella's founder, Odd Kjell Sjøvik in 1997, the Sjøvik family have forwarded the business ethics of their heritage in the fishing industry since 1903 and which still exists today as part of the Sjøvik Group. Great grandfather to Cinderella's present CEO, Gunhild Sjøvik, worked side by side with his fishermen, never leaving to them to undertake any risks that he himself wasn't willing to take alongside them.

Ahead of his time, his words live on in today's values:

"We are stewards of the resources around us, not owners. Our responsibility lies in ensuring that we consume responsibly and with a care to the generations that come after us."

See our founder and his daughter, our present CEO filmed in the same location in Midsund where the family business has been located since 1903.