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Use and maintenance on your Cinderella

Use and maintenance on your Cinderella

Applies to models: Cinderella Premium/Jubilee, Cinderella Comfort, Cinderella Classic and Cinderella Freedom.


A Cinderella toilet is easy to use and requires Cinderellas waterproof bowl liners to transport the waste safely to the incineration chamber at the base of the toilet. This makes the unit very hygienic and clean, compared to other alternatives. Raise the lid and seat. Place an original Cinderella bowl liner in the bowl and lower the seat. Use the toilet as usual and close the lid when you are finished. Press the "flush button" and the bowl liner is released into the incineration chamber. The toilet is now ready for use again.


Download: Print and hang up a simple instruction for your guests.


Practical advice for using your Cinderella 

  • Always remember to insert a new bowl liner before use. (We recommend placing a bowl liner in the bowl just before you use the toilet. Do not let a bowl liner sit in the bowl for the next person)
  • The lid must always be down, closed, whenever the toilet is not in use. The incineration process will not begin until the lid is closed.
  • The incineration period lasts approximately 70 minutes on average. After incineration completion, the yellow light on the control panel will go out.
  • The exhaust fan will continue to run after the incineration process has finished. The fan cools down the toilet. This normally takes 1 - 1.5 hours after the completed incineration cycle.
  • The toilet can be used even if the toilet is in incineration mode or cooling down as described above.



Please note: Maintenance that requires you to disconnect the unit from the gas supply may need to be performed by a licensed professional in accordance with state and local codes.

We have made a video, which presents the recommended maintenance of your incineration toilet in a simple and understandable way.

Cleaning the ash container

Recommended frequency: at every emptying

Empty the ash container often, preferably at least once per week. Don't wait until the emptying alert comes on. This ensures more efficient incineration leading to increased durability for its components. Empty the contents of the ash insert into the household waste. If there are ash residues in the ash container, fill it with hot water and leave to soak for 15-30 minutes or longer. Residues of salt and lime will then normally dissolve. Use a scrub brush to wash away any remaining residue. Note! Metal objects should NOT be used to remove residues. We recommend having an extra insert at hand, so that the toilet is always ready for use.

Steam-cleaning the catalytic converter

Recommended frequency: at every emptying
Ensure that the toilet is cold and the ash container has been emptied and cleaned. Remove the front cover and release the ash container. Pour approximately 1 L of clean water into the ash container insert. Insert the ash container carefully without spilling any water, and attach the front cover. Press “Start” to begin an incineration cycle. The water will start to boil and the steam will clean out any debris in the catalytic converter. This system cleaning will normally take 60–80 minutes.

Cleaning the toilet’s exhaust connection

Recommended frequency: after every 500 visits
Your toilet must be disconnected from the exhaust pipe (and the inlet air pipe, this applies to Cinderella Jubilee, Cinderella Premium and Cinderella Comfort) and the electricity/gas source. Clean the exhaust coupling with a flexible brush. It is important to clean both the outlet pipe and the venturi pipe all the way back to the fan blades to achieve adequate air flow. Remove the ash container and clean away any debris remaining in the container. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any remaining debris from the exhaust pipe and catalytic converter.

Rinse the catalytic converter with warm water 

Recommended frequency: once a year (more often if your toilet is used year-round)
Place the toilet where it is safe to spill water, for example in a room with a suitable drain, outside or in a bathtub. Use the specially designed Cinderella funnel (which can be found in our maintenance kit) or a funnel that fits in the outlet pipe. Tilt the toilet slightly forward and pour two to three liters of hot water through the exhaust pipe and the catalytic converter. If you have access to a shower hose available, this will make the job easier. Unscrew the shower head and lead the hose down the outlet pipe and turn on the hot water. The excess water should be clean at the end of the rinsing process. If necessary, use more water to properly clean the system. Reconnect the toilet to the exhaust pipe and the power supply. Start an incineration to dry up your toilet after the above is completed.

Important! Make sure not to lead water anywhere other than trough out the exhaust pipe.

Cleaning of pipes and ventilation pipes

Recommended frequency: once a year (more often if your toilet is used year-round)
Disconnect your toilet from the exhaust pipe and the electricity/gas source. Disassemble pipe cap if present (older versions). Carefully drop the steel bullet with brush down into the vertical vent pipe from the top. Pull it slowly up and down the pipe to dislodge ash and debris. Be careful with the cleaning to avoid getting ash and debris on the floor below. Feel free to protect the floor under the horizontal pipe with some newspaper or an old towel. Particles of ash and other debris will accumulate in the bend and/or the horizontal pipe. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove this. Fit the pipe cap again. Connect the toilet to the exhaustpipe and to your electricity/gas.