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Our social responsibility

Our social responsibility

Supporting our community

We contribute to our community in supporting local sports and culure. This is our way to ensure that local culture remains alive and vibrant. We come from a small island community and we know how important it is to retain expertise on a local level, ensuring good jobs and quality schools for our children. As a family owned company, in its fourth generation, we want to inspire pride in our local heritage. This is why we haven’t moved our production abroad or centralized to the capital. Our roots and our history are important to us and they are a very integral part of our identity.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are our guidelines in our product development and our hopes for the future. Particularly SDG no. 6: Clean Water and Sanitation for all by 2030. We celebrate World Water Day on March 22 and World Toilet Day on November 19 for just this purpose: to build awareness of the grave need for safe, bacteria-free sanitation and clean water, worldwide. This is not just a challenge in the developing world, All too many industrialized countries are discovering that the disintegration of sewage pipes and ensuing leakage is causing a serious environmental impact to our waterways, and affecting our wildlife and our health. Our incineration toilets are water-free and free of all harmful bacteria. We believe that, in some small way, our technology might make a difference.

Giving back

A very important project, close to our hearts is supporting NSP Aid. North South Partnership Aid works to improve the lives of homeless children in Kenya and Ethiopia in addition to helping families and providing young people with the opportunity for higher education. They work through local organizations to build schools, provide homes and improve the livelihood of people who need it most. We have supported NSP Aid for 10 years now and meeting the children that have grown into strong and independent young men and women, proud of their country and determined to give back, makes an indelible impression on us.

We have set up the Cinderella Scholarship, designed to support students to ensure that they can continue their studies. In our latest project, we are supporting the building of a children’s home outside of Nairobi. Knowing, as we do, the need for clean water and safe sanitation worldwide, we also donate our water-free incineration toilets to help improve sanitary conditions in the children’s homes we help build. Learning from these installations, we believe we can provide training and expertise in the field of sanitation to many others.

Code of ethics

Cinderellas code of ethics demand compliance in anti-corruption and gender equality as well as enlisting respect for each other, compassion and understanding. Team Cinderella has a special meaning in our company. We work as a team and as great grandfather Sjøvik, a fisherman and founder of the family business that launched Cinderella, said: we’re all, quite literally, in the same boat. Cinderella’s leadership is one of management, not ownership. We achieve our goals when we work together as one.

Read more about North South Partnership Aid. (Norwegian text).