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About us

About us

Up until 2012, the Cinderella incineration toilet was available solely on the Scandinavian market in the cottage and leisure home segment. Today, our products are available on an international scale, providing solutions not only for cottage owners but for mobile homes and caravans, and professional segments - such as fish feeding platforms in Norway and Scotland, crane manufacturers for crane cabins, railroad companies, mining and site welfare solutions in portable homes for building and construction workers.

Our factory is located in magical Lyngen, above the Arctic Circle, where we opened our brand new facilities in 2022.

In addition to our dealers and representatives in the Nordic region, we also have distributors in place in Finland, throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand and North America as well emerging markets in Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Africa. Today our incineration toilets are available worldwide.

As our technology encompasses water-free waste handling and the bacteria-free outcome, our toilets have garnered great interest in areas challenged by poor sanitation and lack of water. We are particularly involved in building awareness for The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals where Goal number six: Clean water and safe sanitation for all by 2030. Meeting this goal alone will change the lives of over 3.6 billion people without safe sanitation today (UN Water). We celebrate United Nations World Water Day, March 22nd to build awareness for water scarcity and support programs, World Health Day, April 7th to show support for the importance of safe waste-handling and World Toilet Day every November 19th to support the fact that access to a safe toilet is a human right.

Knowing first hand, as we do, about the global challenges to sanitation that can be found in African countries south of Sahara, we support the non-profit organization NSP Aid (North South Partnership Aid) as our social responsibility. This organization works tirelessly to improve the livelihood of homeless children and young people in Kenya and Ethiopia. Through NSP Aid and their local partners in country, we are able to support the building of schools, children's homes, moving families out of the slums and providing secondary and higher tier education. Read more about the work NSP Aid does here: