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Cinderella – the water-free toilet of tomorrow

Cinderella – the water-free toilet of tomorrow

Sustainable and flexible sanitation with Cinderella

The Norwegian incineration toilet, Cinderella, offers a hygienic, green, and sustainable alternative. It requires no applications and can be installed independently of electricity, water, and sewage systems.

Whether you need an extra toilet in your household, garage, annex, or boathouse, Cinderella is a perfect fit. It's equally suitable for tiny houses, cabins, motorhomes, and off-road camping.

"The fact that our product is independent of water, sewage, or electricity provides flexibility," says Gunhild Sjøvik, CEO of Cinderella Eco Group. Cinderella is an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution that incinerates toilet waste at high temperatures. The liquid evaporates, and the remaining waste is collected in the toilet's built-in incineration chamber. After one week of use by a family of four, only a small amount of ash remains.

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Cinderella's range of toilets are water- and plumbing free.

The Norwegian-made incineration toilet is well-suited as a supplement or backup solution in households with regular water closets. This relieves the water and sewage networks during pressured periods. It is already used in vacation homes, tiny houses, and private residences in many parts of the world.

Independent of a water and sewage networks

Due to increasingly frequent drought periods, even in Norway, water rationing is occasionally necessary. A family of four typically uses around 500 liters of water per week just to flush toilets. Opting for a Cinderella incineration toilet over a traditional water closet can alleviate strain on the water network, save significant amounts of water, and provide security for individual consumers.

"A non-functioning sewage system can lead to widespread disease," explains Sjøvik. "A Cinderella ensures household hygiene in situations where the water and sewage networks are compromised."

Sjøvik notes a rising interest in Cinderella toilets as a supplementary or emergency option in households that already have conventional toilets.

Easy installation and maintenance

Cinderella, developed and manufactured in Norway, has gained significant traction in global markets, including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and throughout Europe. Installing a Cinderella incineration toilet is a straightforward process that homeowners can easily complete themselves. No permits are required, and the installation does not demand specialized knowledge.

"The installation is straightforward, supported by a comprehensive manual," explains Sjøvik. "Maintenance is minimal, and emptying the bacteria-free ash is a simple procedure."

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