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Operating the Cinderella toilet is easy!

How to use a Cinderella toilet

Operating an incineration toilet is much like operating a conventional toilet. Only difference is inserting a bowl liner for each use and periodically empty the ash. 

Operating the Cinderella

The Cinderella uses high temperature to incinerate bodily waste to hygienic ash. A display on the toilet will let owners know when it's time to empty the ash container. Using the Cinderella involves five easy steps: 

  1. Open the lid, and an internal fan automatically starts.
  2. Put a bowl liner inside the bowl for every use.
  3. Use the toilet as normal. Close the lid when finished.
  4. Press the Start button, and a yellow light indicates that the incineration process has begun.
  5. Opening the lid halts the ongoing incineration, and the toilet is ready for a new visit. Place a new bowl liner in the bowl, use the toilet as normal and close the lid when finished. Press the Start button again and the incineration process continues.



Download: Print and hang up a simple instruction for your guests.