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Cinderella and Protec Rail partners to transform the railway industry

Railway Sanitation: A 19th century problem solved

The unseen challenge

Well into 2024, it's disheartening to acknowledge that many railway vehicles lack a basic necessity – a functional toilet. For locomotive drivers and other groups of railway personnel, the absence of proper sanitation facilities poses a significant challenge.

No toilets on trains? Cinderella and Protec Rail offer a solution for improved railway sanitation.

An industry steeped in traditions dating back to the 19th century has, until now, embraced this status quo as an inevitable reality that drivers simply must accept in their day-to-day work life.

The Solution: Cinderella Professional incineration toilet

With the Cinderella Professional incineration toilet, Cinderella Eco Group and Protec Rail is on a mission to transform this workplace into a truly modern setting, especially in the realm of sanitation.

Aligned with the global UN Sustainability Development Goal #3 – 'Good Health and Well-being' – the innovative toilet empowers European railway operators to fulfill this objective for all individuals laboring across the expansive railway network that stretches across almost every corner and country in Europe and beyond. 

Enhancing comfort and safety for railway operators

The integration of an onboard toilet in the locomotive introduces a new era of comfort and safety for drivers during their journeys. A Cinderella toilet eliminates the need for unnecessary stops to find a restroom, keeping drivers focused on the journey, no matter the weather or location. Beyond elevating the well-being and safety of the driver, this addition contributes to the ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and attractiveness of the railway system.

Technical benefits of Cinderella Professional incineration toilet:

  • Space-efficient design: Designed to fit seamlessly within the confines of locomotives and service vehicles, the Cinderella Professional is easy to integrate.
  • Waterless operation: Without need for toilet flush water, the system works without fresh water and holding tanks.
  • Minimal waste: Transforms waste into a small amount of dry ash.
  • Easy disposal: The dry ash can be emptied into normal waste bins, eliminating the need for special infrastructure and time-consuming disposal routines.

It's time to bring the railway industry into the 21st century by addressing the fundamental needs (and rights) of its workforce. Join us in revolutionizing the rail experience!

Areas of utilization

Cinderella for work barracks and construction sites

Work barracks

Cinderella for heavy trucks

Heavy trucks

Cinderella for service and cargo trains


Cinderella for forest and fields

Forest and fields

Cinderella for bridge construction

Bridge construction

Cinderella for offshore sector

Offshore sector

Cinderella for power plants

Power plants

Cinderella for fish farms

Fish farms