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Revolutionizing workplace sanitation

Revolutionizing workplace sanitation

The unseen challenge

Where people are working, there is a need for toilets and good sanitation solutions. In many workplaces, this is not yet a given fact. But with Cinderella technology, this is achievable in almost any workplace today, even in the most challenging places. Discover how you can create a more modern workplace for your employees and personnel.

Available toilets may not always be a given fact

Access to toilet facilities is not a given fact in many workplaces, even in modern times. 

The solution; Cinderella's incineration toilets

Without the need for either water or sewage connection, a Cinderella unit can be used almost anywhere, contributing to both a healthy and productive workplace. The sanitary standards are excellent; in a Cinderella, the complete treatment process is performed inside the toilet unit. No emptying infrastructure or waste transport is needed to operate a Cinderella, additional factors that save both cost, time, and reduce complexity. With its small footprint and no need for big and heavy water or waste holding tanks, the toilets require very limited space, making them suitable for integration into the most compact workplaces. To serve different user situations, the Cinderella product portfolio can be utilized to create optimal solutions for individual cases, whether mobile or stationary, land or sea; there is undoubtedly a Cinderella for your workplace.

Areas of utilization

Cinderella for work barracks and construction sites

Work barracks

Cinderella for heavy trucks

Heavy trucks

Cinderella for service and cargo trains


Cinderella for forest and fields

Forest and fields

Cinderella for bridge construction

Bridge construction

Cinderella for offshore sector

Offshore sector

Cinderella for power plants

Power plants

Cinderella for fish farms

Fish farms