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The Transparency Act in Cinderella Eco Group

The Transparency Act in Cinderella Eco Group

The purpose of the Transparency Act is to promote businesses' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the production of goods and the provision of services and to ensure public access to information on how businesses handle negative consequences for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.


The Transparency Act stipulates that businesses covered by the law should conduct due diligence assessments. The purpose of these assessments is to gain overview and analyze the risk of human rights violations and decent working conditions breaches, both internally, in our supply chains, and with other business partners. If violations or high risks of negative impacts on people and their working conditions are identified, measures should be taken to try to stop, reduce, or prevent this.


Through our due diligence assessments, we will follow up and ensure that we act responsibly in our own operations and in dealings with other businesses. Through our ongoing risk assessments, we evaluate where in our business and value chains there is the greatest risk of negative impact on human rights, decent working conditions, and the environment. Based on this work, we will implement risk-reducing measures and ensure improvement if it is revealed that we have caused or contributed to actual negative consequences.


For further information about the Transparency Act, please email: [email protected]


The report for Cinderella Eco Group AS also includes subsidiaries. The report was signed by the board of Cinderella Eco Group AS on June 30, 2023.


The report is published here: Report on due diligence assessments.