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Use and maintenance - Cinderella Travel

Use and maintenance - Cinderella Travel


A Cinderella toilet is easy to use and requires Cinderella bowl liners to transport the waste safely to the incineration chamber at the base of the unit. This makes the toilet very hygienic and clean, compared to other alternatives. Raise the lid and seat. Place an original Cinderella bowl liner in the bowl and lower the seat. Use the toilet as usual and close the lid when you are finished. Press the "flush button" and the bowl liner is released into the incineration chamber. The toilet is now ready for use again.

Download: Print and hang up a simple instruction for your guests.


Practical advice for using your Cinderella 

  • Always remember to insert a new bowl liner before use. (We recommend placing a bowl liner in the bowl just before you use the toilet. Do not let a bowl liner sit in the bowl for the next person)
  • The lid must always be down, closed, whenever the toilet is not in use. The incineration process will not begin until the lid is closed. 
  • The incineration period lasts approximately 70 minutes on average. After incineration completion, the yellow light on the control panel will go out.
  • The exhaust fan will continue to run after the incineration process has finished. The fan cools down the toilet. This normally takes 1 - 1.5 hours after the completed incineration cycle.
  • The toilet can be used even if the toilet is in incineration mode or cooling down as described above.


Cleaning the ash tray
Recommended frequency: at every emptying

Empty the ash tray often, preferably at least once per week. Don't wait until the emptying alert. This ensures more efficient incineration, leading to increased durability for its components. Empty the contents of the ash insert into the household waste. If there are ash residues in the ash container, fill it with hot water and leave to soak for 15-30 minutes or longer. Residues of salt and lime will normally dissolve. Use a scrub brush to wash away any remaining residue. Note! Metal objects should NOT be used to remove residues. We recommend having an extra insert at hand, so that the toilet is always ready for use.

Cleaning your toilet’s fans and catalytic converter
Recommended frequency: twice a year (more often if your vehicle is used year-round)

Cinderella operates in an extreme environment, with high temperatures, natural acids from bodily waste and non-pollutant flue gases. This entails a need for preventive maintenance of the ash container, fan and catalyst. You can handle preventive maintenance yourself.

  1. Raise the shell/cabinet by using the lifting mechanism and lift it off
  2. Turn off the main power switch (a metal switch which is located down and to the right behind the exhaust fan)
  3. Disconnect the power cable on the fan motor

Remove fan cover, catalyst and fan as described below. It is important that these parts are removed and reassembled in the correct order. Please be aware that this job can be a bit demanding, as there is little space in the chassis itself.

  1. Loosen the wing nut on the fan cover.
  2. Lift out the fan cover by turning it slightly towards the back and lifting it out. 
  3. Remove the catalytic converter. Note that this part should be positioned at exactly the same angle when it is reassembled.
  4. Unscrew the wing nut that holds the fan housing in place.
  5. Pull the fan housing out of the slot, turn the entire fan housing 90 degrees anti-clockwise and carefully lift out over the magnet sensor. This can be a little difficult to achieve, so be careful to make sure you don't damage the fan housing and other components along the way. 

Clean each dismantled part: 

  • Flush the catalytic converter with warm, running water until all channels are open and free of ash residue
  • Brush the fan clean with an old toothbrush or similar tool, and remove debris from the fan housing
  • While you have the catalyst and fan disconnected, we recommend that you also clean the burner fan which is mounted in a small, black rubber ring at the base of the toilet. Use an old toothbrush or gently blow with compressed air to clean.

Install each part in place in the reverse order they were removed. Remember to connect the power cable to the fan motor and turn on the main power switch. Your final step is to start an incineration process in order to dry the catalyst.