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Retrofitting Cinderella creates freedom for motorhomes owners

Retrofitting Cinderella creates freedom for motorhomes owners

After reading an article about retrofitting Cinderella Travel in caravans and motorhomes, Brit and Hans saw that this could be the perfect solution. They liked the idea, and when they bought their Morelo a few years later, they already knew: they had to have a Cinderella!

– We chose to replace the factory-fitted flush toilet because Cinderella Travel is very simple, clean and hygienic, explains Hans enthusiastically. The toilet requires little maintenance, which suits the couple well.


Freedom on the road with Cinderella Travel

Brit and Hans travel both domestically and abroad with their Morelo, and greatly appreciate the freedom Cinderella Travel provides. They no longer spend time searching for emptying stations that handle special waste, so the trip can often be off-road. The only remains from the use of the toilet is ash, free of all harmful bacteria, so this can easily be disposed of as regular trash. Since Cinderella Travel does not use water, the water resources in the motorhome last longer, and the happy couple can prolong their journey without worrying about replenishing water.

– For ordinary cassette toilets, a special type of soluble toilet paper must be used to ensure that the toilet doesn’t clog. This paper can only be found in specialist camping equipment stores and costs many times more than regular toilet paper, Hans explains. The couple now use ordinary toilet paper of the quality they prefer in their Cinderella Travel. Therefore, they not only save money on paper but also eliminate costs related to chemicals and odor-reducing products, aligning with their environmental consciousness.


A nice side effect is the heat in the bathroom

In addition to the positive experiences the couple already have with Cinderella Travel, a pleasant surprise occurred during a camping trip to Norway’s Femundsmarka National Park this summer.

– During the incineration process, a nice heat is emitted in the bathroom. This meant that our shower towels and hiking equipment dried relatively quickly. A very positive side effect, explains Hans.

Cinderella retrofitted in motor home
Beautiful summer night at Femundsmarka National Park
Beautiful summer days- and nights at Femundsmarka National Park (Private images).

Stamsaas Fritid retrofitted in no time

The installation of the toilet was performed by Norwegian retrofitter Stamsaas Fritid. Prior to the installation, they had ordered an original panel from the Morelo factory in Germany. The rebuilding was therefore completely seamless, and the couple thinks it looks like the toilet was originally fitted from the factory in Germany. The assembly job itself didn't take that long at all; the motorhome was delivered to Stamsaas in the morning and already the day after, it was ready. Brit and Hans are very pleased with the job, the result and the service they received. 

A good flow of air in and out is crutial
A good flow of air in and out is crutial
A good flow of air in and out is crucial for the incineration toilet.
Cinderella Travel is installed and pipes hidden in the back panel.
Seamless. Cinderella Travel seamlessly installed in a motorhome.
The toilet is installed and the exhaust pipe hidden in the wall. A completely seamless and tasteful installation.

– We have had the Cinderella Travel for about a year now and we’re very satisfied. No errors or problems have occurred during this time. Based on our experiences, we can safely recommend Cinderella Travel, both in terms of technical quality and practical use, Brit and Hans happily conclude.

Cinderella Travel installed in motor home.
Finished installation, and this motorhome is ready for the road.