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The world's largest tiny house on wheels!

The world's largest tiny house on wheels!

Cinderella Eco Group collaborates with Irene Løvlie, sponsoring her with a Cinderella Premium incineration toilet and installation kit.

Irene Løvlie (34) is the woman behind the blog, the YouTube channel World’s Largest Tiny House On Wheels, and the website Minihuskonsulenten. She is soon moving into the world's LARGEST tiny house on wheels, eagerly anticipating her new life in a custom-designed miniature home. However, minimalism and tiny houses were quite far from Irene's original plan...

Enough is enough!

– In 2019, I experienced both job loss and a breakup. I had to reconsider the way I lived, both financially and practically, Irene explains. – Being alone with the financial responsibility of a house over 200 square meters simply became too much, forcing me to think alternatively.

– I walked through the large house and looked at the abundance of full dressers and closets, packed kitchens, sofas, TVs, floor speakers, and subwoofers. Simply put, the culmination of living as a maximalist and materialist for many years, but now it was ENOUGH!

Enough is enough! Irene decided to downsize.

Enough is enough! Irene decided to downsize.


I've probably been a minimalist at heart my whole life!

- I just wanted to get rid of everything, keep the most necessary, and start with a clean slate," says Irene enthusiastically. She began to understand the point of living simpler and with fewer things, starting to search the internet for information about tiny houses and minimalism. – I devoured everything I came across, and the dream of a tiny house on wheels was born, laughs Irene.


From sketchbook to finished house

The large house was sold, and a rolling foundation was ordered and parked at Vestfold Minihus in Tønsberg (Norway), responsible for the construction. Irene has spent a long time drawing and planning the house herself and is often in Tønsberg to see the house take shape.

By May 2023, the house will be completed and transported to a more permanent location. As soon as Irene finds a place that meets the requirements; rural with a nice view, space for a car, a little garden, and a dog.

Tiny bathroom with underfloor heating and room for a Cinderella

This is the bathroom. It will have underfloor heating, a shower, and a Cinderella Premium incineration toilet.


A world-class tiny house needs a world-class toilet

In the process of building a house, many decisions must be made along the way. The choice of a toilet solution is no exception. Irene wanted the waterless and eco-friendly Cinderella Premium in her spacious tiny house.

– This will be a smart home, with a central system controlling everything from lights, water, to smoke detectors, says Irene excitedly. – The brand-new incineration toilet from Cinderella was an easy choice. The toilet looks super sleek and comes with a range of smart features. The fact that it doesn't require connection to water or sewage allows me the freedom to place the 'rolling house' almost anywhere. My very own 'Princess,' says Irene.

Irene follows the build closely.

Irene closely follows the progress and looks forward to life in the big tiny house.

As Cinderella incineration toilets are waterless, a special toilet liner is used in the bowl for each visit. This transports the waste down to the incineration chamber every time the incineration button is pressed after the visit. The bacteria-free ash should be emptied regularly (preferably weekly) and can be easily disposed of in the household waste.

Cinderella has more than 25 years of experience with incineration toilets and provides toilets for cabins, caravans, motorhomes, and industrial customers.

Advantages of incineration toilets:

  • No water or sewage connections
  • Not dependent on grid power (gas model available)
  • Childproof
  • Requires little space
  • Easy installation
  • No waste management, only minimal ash to be emptied

Get to know Irene and her tiny house project: