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Off-Grid living: No sewage, no electricity, pure convenience!

Off-Grid living: No sewage, no electricity, pure convenience!

Cinderella Freedom is a propane-powered toilet that incinerates organic waste at high temperatures, reducing it to minimal ash. The model is based on the quality of our electric models but uses propane as an energy source. This means that Cinderella Freedom can be used in areas where access to 230V is limited or absent, a clear advantage for many cabin owners, including Anders Heyerdahl from Bærum, who has a mountain cabin at 1000 meters above sea level.

From nightmare to dream
After buying a Swedish gas toilet that caught fire in 2005, Anders Heyerdahl ended up building an outhouse. It wasn't the plan, and it wasn't a solution he was satisfied with. Therefore, he decided to invest in a toilet he could trust. That same year, he heard about Cinderella Freedom, and thus he entered a new era of "toilet time."

Full ignition at minus 29 degrees Celsius
– My first encounter with Cinderella started very well. Yes, I would say I was pleasantly surprised by the product. But when winter came, the toilet started acting up. I contacted Cinderella, and the toilet was sent for service. Fortunately, it turned out that all it needed was a small electronic adjustment. The toilet was acting up a bit because the air is a bit thin at 1000 meters altitude.

After the adjustment, I haven't experienced any issues," says Heyerdahl, adding:
– I must admit I was very anxious when the thermometer showed minus 29 degrees, but it turned out there was no need to worry. It was fully operational even though I only have a 12V battery with a small solar panel. Today, the outhouse functions as a woodshed, and I am the proud owner of two Cinderellas, one on gas and one electric.

Cinderella is a top product," concludes an enthusiastic Cinderella owner.

Cinderella Freedom